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Response to Joe Sims & CPUSA


By Jerry Dale

The Joe Sims’s leadership statement has great significance. “After the Election: Go Out and Make ‘em do it”. As co-chair of the CPUSA and former editor of the Party’s ideological Journal, Political Affairs, Sims’s opinion carries considerable weight.

Sims’ declaration is first and foremost, the statement that eliminates any issue that the current CPUSA has changed its ideological direction after claiming to have shed itself of the Webb fog. Sam Webb former CPUSA head is now safely where he has always been, well within the mainstream Democratic Party orbit.

He left a Party that may not be currently working in that orbit officially, as he is, but continues nonetheless to direct its members and affiliated groups to struggle within the Democratic Party guardrails, non-endorsement of official Democratic Party candidates not- withstanding.

As a self-proclaimed working-class Party, Sims offers no directions to its Labor Commission. Is there one? That should be a centerpiece.

Under Webb’s leadership trade union/labor clubs were disbanded into community clubs. Yes, indeed they were! So, a good guess would be, the CPUSA is still without organized working class/trade union leadership.

His reference to “collective bargaining “ (a part of the what CPUSA believes must be fought for) indicates the narrow role that the working class and trade unions should and must play in the Party. No revolutionary spirit here. That is a collaborationist perspective.

Not even mentioning the only international trade union federation that fights for workers and trade unions continues the Party’s unprincipled opposition to the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU). Hard to believe, but true.

Left blank on this issue moves Party union activists toward the AFL-CIO and its right-wing international federation the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC).

Party collectives

In Sims’ report there isn’t even a hint that Party collectives, in any lingo, should function as Communist collectives and formulate policies. While they may be fully individually independent, they function completely within the mainstream Parties and other Democratic Party orbit groups, like the DSA and Bernie Sanders groupings, and within their guardrails.

Going into these formations which have strict guardrails, without their own Organizational meetings, keeps the Webb mainstreaming policy fully intact. Most importantly It robs all peoples’ groups of real class-oriented strategies and tactics. There is a lot more to win than even the program of the DSA, regardless how much better it is than the DNC. Or Trump calling them all communists.

All that’s implied quite directly by Sims is to “get the Democrats to Do It”.


Where does the Party’s program, such as it is, come in? It’s still on the shelf with a profound Party history of Wm Z Foster and Henry Winston.

Everybody knows the DNC demanded and got a severely compromised Program for the 2020 election. Sanders, AOC and the DSA agreed. And even their Democratic Socialist programs were limited, especially on foreign policy. Everyone cringes when they mention Cuba, Russia, China, and every South American country which bears the brunt of US sanctions / boycotts and other forms of imperialism.

Medicare for All or Single Payer is NOT a NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE!!!! That Used to be the CPUSA position before they opportunistically cut it back to supporting Single-Payer.

In terms of world peace, the CPUSA gives minor lip service to anti-imperialist struggles. Sims doesn’t seem to find this important struggle in what his minions should fight for. Only when pushed and humiliated do they join with Code Pink, World Peace Council and the US peace Council. But usually only on a perfunctory manner. No mention of the Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) either! Too radical a proposition?

The failure to highlight the Black Lives Matter / pro-immigration demands that are guiding peoples’ movements is dizzying, let alone the frontal attack on women.

The Joe Sims directional article which sounds the call to Party cadres and adherents continues the woeful centrist Webb direction of the 21st century.

The CPUSA is an independent Party in name only. But they will work entirely within the policy confines of the Democratic Party albeit with a healthier vocal left of center Democratic Socialist concepts, at least on some domestic issues.

The Party of Communists USA (PCUSA) offers a healthy independent communist approach to struggle and a future. We involve ourselves in all forms of struggle, but we also generate class oriented, anti-racist peoples’ solutions that mobilize. We engage in struggles with a clear viewpoint and engage front line activists in an open comradely non-sectarian manner. The Democratic Party is not our guidepost. Join us in the struggle for all-peoples’ unity and scientific socialism-communism.


Dare to Struggle

Dare to Win


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