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Joint Communication of tens of Communist and Workers ' Parties for the 150 years since the birth of the second.I. Lenin

The text of the Joint Announcement and the signatures of the parties are as follows:

The communist and labour parties, co-signatories of this Joint statement, we want and in this way to honour a great revolutionary and theorist of scientific socialism, which on 22 April completed 150 years of its birth, the Βλαδίμηρ Illich Lenin.
Particularly in the present circumstances, and while evolving pandemic of CoVID-19, which is a tragic illustration of the major shortcomings of the health systems in capitalist countries, as well as the anti-social and parasitic nature of the capitalist system, in front of a new crisis, the burden of which will be asked again to pay the workers, the aggressive nature of imperialism and the sharpening of imperialist antagonisms, causing new dangers for peace and peoples, we feel even more the need to refer to the historical figure of the second.I. Lenin. A personality, who dedicated his life to the case of the working class and other popular strata in the struggle for the abolition of exploitation and the building of the socialist society.
We honor the B.I. Lenin, as the founder of the modern party of the working class the party "new type", which has been separated decisively with politicians the opportunism and apostasy of the old social democratic parties. Such was the bolshevik party, which came in leading the class struggle of the proletariat and the other oppressed masses of Russia. The party of Lenin led the working class of Russia to the victory with the overthrow of εκμεταλλευτριών classes and the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat, a government of workers and peasants, in the service of the interests of the many, the exploited and oppressed. THE B.I. Lenin has defined and documented the pioneering role of the Communist Party, not only in the establishment of a workers ' power, and in the building of socialism.
We honor the B.I. Lenin, as the theoretical, which, taking into account the specific fact, developed further the components parts of marxism - philosophy, political economy and scientific communism. As a fighter against any οπορτουνιστικής and review of distortion of the revolutionary theory and practice, of doctrine, of sectarianism and of parliamentary illusions, without renouncing the intervention of the parliament. Projects, that indicatively, we mention here, such as "What is the friends of the people, and how they fight the social democrats;", "The development of capitalism in Russia", "What should we do?", "The two tactics of social-democracy in the Democratic Revolution", "Materialism and Εμπειριοκριτικισμός", "Marxism and αναθεωρητισμός," "The bankruptcy of the 2nd International", "Socialism and war", "the motto of the United States of Europe", "Imperialism highest stage of capitalism", "State and Revolution", "Views April", "The αριστερισμός, a childhood disease of communism", "The immediate tasks of the Soviet Power", "The Great initiative", are the stations in the spread and development of marxism and of the revolutionary struggle. Overall, the valuable theoretical work of Lenin is still perfectly preserves the timeliness and be a "lighthouse" for the ideological-political education and action each new generation of rebels.
We honor the B.I. Lenin as the leader of the Great October Socialist Revolution, which for about a century, shocked the humanity, of the victorious revolution, that illuminated the power of the class struggle, the power of the exploited and oppressed, when they get the case of their interests in their hands and turning the wheel of History forward, in the direction of social liberation, of the flame-October, which led to and accelerated the establishment of a series of Communist Parties, revolutionary workers ' parties. Lenin had a far-sighted strategy, capacity and handled with skill alliances, skills devoted to the case of the socialist revolution.
We honor the B.I. Lenin as the leader of the world's first socialist state, which first established the power of workers on the basis of new revolutionary institutions, as was the soviet, sought the economic functioning of society on a new basis, on the basis of the satisfaction of the modern popular needs, of all-round free development of all people and not for the growth of the profitability of the few. The USSR, the first socialist state in the world, that came to life with the special contribution of the B.I. Lenin, brought to the fore new unprecedented economic, social, political and cultural conquests of the working class and wider layers of workers, who exerted a tremendous influence on the historical progressive developments all over our planet. It was a mainstay of the peoples in the struggle for socialism and peace.
We honor the B.I. Lenin as the great διεθνιστή, the leader, who raised high the flag of proletarian internationalism, against the treacherous attitude of the second International in the first World imperialist war, the fighter against the bourgeois nationalism and other urban perceptions, such as the cosmopolitanism of the capital, a pioneer in the establishment of the 3rd Communist International, was a great contribution to the international workers and communist movement, and today is a key source for the extraction of useful lessons from the experience accumulated by the action. The positions of Lenin on colonialism led the communists to understand the issue of the colonies and inspired to lead the αντιαποικιακών racing, both in the colonial countries and in the colonies.
We honor the B.I. Lenin as a tireless and consistent fighter against the imperialist war, supporter of the struggle of peoples for national and social liberation, social justice, peace, and socialism.
The counter-revolution and capitalist restoration cannot conceal the conquests of Socialism. The destruction and the injustice that we live in, the acute problems and the suffering of the working class, the small and medium-sized layers, the peasantry, and generally all the peoples from capitalist exploitation and oppression highlight the necessity and timeliness of socialism today in the world.
The Communist and Labour Parties denounced the workers and the youth "wave" of the suppression and the reactive and αντικομμουνιστικής of distortion, that have been unleashed around the world the political forces that serve the interests of capital, against the B's.I. Lenin. We are fighting for the continuation of the project, and we pledge that we will continue to defend his legacy, to spread, and we call on the workers and the peoples to learn from this.

Parties, who sign:

1. Communist Party Of Azerbaijan
2. Egyptian Communist Party
3. Communist Party Of Albania
4. Algerian Party for Democracy and Socialism (PADS)
5. Communist Party Of Argentina
6. Communist Party Of Armenia
7. Communist Party Of Australia
8. Party Of Labour Of Austria
9. Communist Party Of Belgium
10. Brazilian Communist Party
11. Communist Party Of Brazil
12. Communist Party Of Venezuela
13. Communist Party Of Bulgaria
14. Union of Communists in Bulgaria
15. Party of Bulgarian Communists
16. Communist Party Of Britain
17. New Communist Party Of Britain
18. Communist Revolutionary Party Of France
19. Pole Of Communist Revival, France
20. German Communist Party
21. Unified Communist Party Of Georgia
22. Communist Party Of Denmark
23. Communist Party in Denmark
24. Power of the Revolution, Dominican Republic
25. Communist Party (Switzerland)
26. Communist Party Of Greece
27. Communist Party Of El Salvador
28. Party of Communists, USA
29. Communist Group "Σίσο-Udo", Japan
30. Communist Party Of India
31. Communist Party Of India (Marxist)
32. Jordanian Communist Party
33. Communist Party Of Kurdistan – Iraq
34. Τουντέχ, Iran
35. Workers ' Party Of Ireland
36. Communist Party Of Ireland
37. Communist Party Of Ecuador
38. Communist Party Of Spain
39. Communist Party Of Workers Of Spain
40. Communist Party Of Peoples Of Spain
41. Communists of Catalonia
42. Union of the People of Galicia
43. Communist Party Of Israel
44. Communist Party, Italy
45. Italian Communist Party
46. Socialist Movement Kazakhstan
47. Communist Party Of Canada
48. Party of communists of Kyrgyzstan
49. Workers ' Party Korea
50. Socialist Labour Party Of Croatia
51. AKEL, Cyprus
52. Communist Party Of Belarus
53. Lebanese Communist Party
54. Socialist Party Of Latvia
55. Socialist Party, Lithuania
56. Communist Party Of Luxembourg
57. Communist Party Of Malta
58. Communist Party Of Mexico
59. Popular Socialist Party, Mexico
60. Democratic Progressive Step Bahrain
61. Communist Party Of Bangladesh
62. Communist Party Of Norway
63. South African Communist Party
64. New Communist Party Netherlands
65. Hungarian Workers ' Party
66. Communist Party Of Ukraine
67. Union Of Communists Of Ukraine
68. Communist Party Of Pakistan
69. Palestinian Communist Party
70. Party People Of Palestine
71. Παραγουάνικο Communist Party
72. Περουβιάνικο Communist Party
73. Communist Party Of Poland
74. Portuguese Communist Party
75. Communist Party Of Puerto Rico
76. Communist Party Of The Russian Federation
77. Communist Labour Party Of Russia
78. Communist Party Of The Soviet Union
79. Union of Communist Parties - CPSU
80. New Communist Party Of Yugoslavia
81. Communists of Serbia
82. Communist Party Of Slovakia
83. Communist Party Of Swaziland
84. Communist Party Of Sweden
85. Communist Party Of Sri Lanka
86. People's Liberation Front, Sri Lanka
87. Σουδανέζικο Communist Party
88. Syrian Communist Party
89. The Communist Party Of Turkey
90. Communist Party Of Bohemia-Moravia
91. Philippine Communist Party (PKP-1930)
92. Communist Party Of Finland
93. Communist Party Of Chile

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