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Response to Joe Sims & CPUSA


By Jerry Dale

The Joe Sims’s leadership statement has great significance. “After the Election: Go Out and Make ‘em do it”. As co-chair of the CPUSA and former editor of the Party’s ideological Journal, Political Affairs, Sims’s opinion carries considerable weight.

Sims’ declaration is first and foremost, the statement that eliminates any issue that the current CPUSA has changed its ideological direction after claiming to have shed itself of the Webb fog. Sam Webb former CPUSA head is now safely where he has always been, well within the mainstream Democratic Party orbit.

He left a Party that may not be currently working in that orbit officially, as he is, but continues nonetheless to direct its members and affiliated groups to struggle within the Democratic Party guardrails, non-endorsement of official Democratic Party candidates not- withstanding.

As a self-proclaimed working-class Party, Sims offers no directions to its Labor Commission. Is there one? That should be a centerpiece.

Under Webb’s leadership trade union/labor clubs were disbanded into community clubs. Yes, indeed they were! So, a good guess would be, the CPUSA is still without organized working class/trade union leadership.

His reference to “collective bargaining “ (a part of the what CPUSA believes must be fought for) indicates the narrow role that the working class and trade unions should and must play in the Party. No revolutionary spirit here. That is a collaborationist perspective.

Not even mentioning the only international trade union federation that fights for workers and trade unions continues the Party’s unprincipled opposition to the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU). Hard to believe, but true.

Left blank on this issue moves Party union activists toward the AFL-CIO and its right-wing international federation the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC).

Party collectives

In Sims’ report there isn’t even a hint that Party collectives, in any lingo, should function as Communist collectives and formulate policies. While they may be fully individually independent, they function completely within the mainstream Parties and other Democratic Party orbit groups, like the DSA and Bernie Sanders groupings, and within their guardrails.

Going into these formations which have strict guardrails, without their own Organizational meetings, keeps the Webb mainstreaming policy fully intact. Most importantly It robs all peoples’ groups of real class-oriented strategies and tactics. There is a lot more to win than even the program of the DSA, regardless how much better it is than the DNC. Or Trump calling them all communists.

All that’s implied quite directly by Sims is to “get the Democrats to Do It”.


Where does the Party’s program, such as it is, come in? It’s still on the shelf with a profound Party history of Wm Z Foster and Henry Winston.

Everybody knows the DNC demanded and got a severely compromised Program for the 2020 election. Sanders, AOC and the DSA agreed. And even their Democratic Socialist programs were limited, especially on foreign policy. Everyone cringes when they mention Cuba, Russia, China, and every South American country which bears the brunt of US sanctions / boycotts and other forms of imperialism.

Medicare for All or Single Payer is NOT a NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE!!!! That Used to be the CPUSA position before they opportunistically cut it back to supporting Single-Payer.

In terms of world peace, the CPUSA gives minor lip service to anti-imperialist struggles. Sims doesn’t seem to find this important struggle in what his minions should fight for. Only when pushed and humiliated do they join with Code Pink, World Peace Council and the US peace Council. But usually only on a perfunctory manner. No mention of the Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) either! Too radical a proposition?

The failure to highlight the Black Lives Matter / pro-immigration demands that are guiding peoples’ movements is dizzying, let alone the frontal attack on women.

The Joe Sims directional article which sounds the call to Party cadres and adherents continues the woeful centrist Webb direction of the 21st century.

The CPUSA is an independent Party in name only. But they will work entirely within the policy confines of the Democratic Party albeit with a healthier vocal left of center Democratic Socialist concepts, at least on some domestic issues.

The Party of Communists USA (PCUSA) offers a healthy independent communist approach to struggle and a future. We involve ourselves in all forms of struggle, but we also generate class oriented, anti-racist peoples’ solutions that mobilize. We engage in struggles with a clear viewpoint and engage front line activists in an open comradely non-sectarian manner. The Democratic Party is not our guidepost. Join us in the struggle for all-peoples’ unity and scientific socialism-communism.


Dare to Struggle

Dare to Win


viernes, 5 de junio de 2020

WPC, Statement of the World Peace Council about the Protests in the USA

The World Peace Council expresses its categorical and strongest condemnation of the cold-blooded assassination of George Floyd by the police force in Minneapolis, USA. 

This recent killing of an unarmed civilian by the police is unfortunately not the first and only case in the United States. Neither is it a phenomenon of the current government only. More than 1,000 lives have been taken by the police every year for many decades, great majority of the them from African-American and other minority communities. 

The accumulated anger of the people and the massive protests in more than 75 cities of the country are not only a demonstration of the feelings of the people toward the decades-long police violence but are the result of the massive discontent for the continuously deteriorating social and economic conditions of life for the majority of the population.          

We salute the people of all strata and race who are taking part in the mostly peaceful protests and reject any claim by the US government that this brutality is just the act of a few “bad apples.” Hand in hand with the ruling establishment in the US, the Trump administration is trying to distract the attention of the people from the fact that these massive protests are also a result of the failure of the government to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic and the massive unemployment of more than 40 million working people, especially African-Americans, who are struggling to survive day by day. 

The crisis is further deepened every day as a result of the statements and the rhetoric of President D. Trump, who is encouraging police shooting and arrests while threatening with open actions by the military in the country. 

The forces of the US political and economic establishment are trying to hide the root causes of the police killings in the middle of a pandemic crisis and massive unemployment, which derive from the racist and oppressive nature of the system itself. They fear the emerging deeper understanding by the people of the true nature the capitalist rule in their country. 

The WPC expresses its solidarity with the struggling working people and the oppressed racial and ethnic minorities in the US. We unite our voices with the US Peace Council and the anti-imperialist forces in the US in the struggle to end all exploitation and racism. 

This recent development has once again shown that there can be no peace without social justice.


The WPC Secretariat Athens 3rd June 2020

PCUSA stance on the protests and civil unrest

We understand that these protests are turning into riots initially because of agent provocateurs, undercover cops, anarchists, white supremacists and police provocation. If it isn't police shooting teargas and rubber bullets unprovoked at the protesters, igniting anger in them, and pushing the boundary to fight back; it is undercover cops, anarchists or white supremacists in the crowds breaking and burning property, throwing objects at the police, or trying to rally the protesters to break the law in order to not only make the BLM movement look bad but also get the cops to hurt and arrest the protesters. The anarchists, in our opinion, aren't specifically doing this because they want the protesters to get hurt or arrested, but rather their fetishizing of riots and revolts is, in their own view, the path to successfully destroying the current system; which is both incorrect and lacking in systemic analysis of state apparatus power. The undercover cops and white supremacists, on the other hand are doing this specifically to hurt the BLM movement and destroy credibility of the protests.

We urge everyone involved in organizing these event to organize, strategize, and coordinate these events to provide the following;

1: Security over the event to root out malicious forces.

2: Protect against police tactics of pushing the event outside its lawful zone or dividing/corraling the group. 

Activist tip: avoid gathering on bridges or in parking garages. Make the event a march to keep police from pushing you out of a lawful zone.

3: Create a scout unit to check on a location before meet up and around the perimeter. 

4: Create collective leadership bodies to bring a level of centralized control and provide a level of working class community governing. 

miércoles, 3 de junio de 2020

The joint action and coordination of the Communist Parties under pandemic conditions

Published in “RIZOSPASTIS” on 23/5/2020

The recent successful tele-conference held by the Communist and Workers’ Parties that cooperate within the framework of the European Communist Initiative, in which 24 parties from many European countries participate, constituted a new form of exchanging opinions and coordination of their efforts.
It demonstrated that the CPs can successfully utilize various forms when under pandemic conditions, direct contact between members, invitations to congresses and conferences were impossible. The class struggle does not cease, which makes it vitally necessary for the CPs to exchange views, to clarify their positions, to coordinate their action and to pursue a revolutionary strategy. In none of this can we back down under pandemic conditions when a new global economic crisis of capitalism is building momentum. Of course, the CPs must adapt their style of work as International, regional , and bilateral meetings are not feasible with a physical presence.

The form of Joint Statements by the CPs
One tried and true form of cooperation and coordination among the CPs are the Joint Statements. The formulation of the texts of Joint Statements clarifies the assessments which each CP has decided upon, as well as the goals of struggle each party has set for the development of joint action.
This process remains important, despite the fact that many Communist and Workers’ Parties today are weak, either functioning under semi-illegal conditions or severe persecution or not having all of the means available that the KKE has today along with some other parties, to struggle for the common goals that are formulated.
In order for the international communist movement to emerge from the ideological-political and organizational crisis it has been in over recent decades, it is necessary to comprehensively strengthen it in every country and region, as well as to coordinate the joint struggle and to formulate a revolutionary strategy at the international level. The process of exchanging viewpoints and the related struggle around serious issues within the context of the preparation and publication of Joint Statements can contribute to the above direction.

The KKE and the recent Joint Statements

During the recent period of the Pandemic, the Party signed 5 Joint Statements of the Communist and Workers’ Parties, some of which were approved after an initiative of the KKE, while others on the initiative of other parties which were supported by our Party, which sought whenever necessary to contribute to improving their content. All of the statements were published in “Rizospastis”. These were:
1/ On “Immediate measures to protect the health and the rights of the peoples”, which referred to the global situation that had been created by the pandemic and the emerging capitalist crisis. The initiative was taken by the KKE and was signed by 87 Communist and Workers’ Parties.
2/ On “Solidarity with Cuba”, where the CPs denounced the criminal US blockade of Cuba Communist and Workers’ Parties. The initiative was taken by AKEL and signed by 73 Communist and Workers’ Parties.
3/ On the “150 Anniversary of the birth of V.I. Lenin”, where on the occasion of this anniversary, important positions on Lenin’s leadership were outlined, accompanied by serious ideological and political issues of the communist movement. The initiative was taken by the KKE and signed by 93 communist and workers’ parties.
4/ “On the occasion of the First of May, International Labor Day” which was published on this year’s Workers’ May Day. The initiative was taken by the CP of Kurdistan-Iraq and was signed by 41 Communist and Workers’ Parties.
5/ “In the name of freedom, peace and truth – Against Fascism and War” that was published on the 75th anniversary of the Anti-Fascist Victory. The initiative was taken by the Portuguese CP and signed by 86 Communist and Workers’ Parties.
Whatever glitters isn’t gold
We could say that Lenin’s quote that “before we can unite and in order that we may unite, we must first of all, draw firm and definite lines of demarcation” (*) suits today’s situation and the issues of the joint statements of the parties. The period of the pandemic turned out to be very ‘dense’ in terms of initiatives taken for the publication of Joint Statements. In addition to the 5 listed above, other parties took related initiatives. This doesn’t mean that all could be accepted and supported by our Party, in the name of a superficial “unity” of the international communist movement. Such a unity is not only unnecessary, but actually is detrimental to the communist movement as it doesn’t clarify important issues.
The discussion of different viewpoints, agreement or disagreement, comradely disagreement over serious ideological-political issues of strategic importance is necessary and will continue over the next period. Through this process and the utilization of the experience derived from the class struggle, incentives will be provided for a more substantial mastering of the principles of our worldview and Marxist-Leninist methodology,  the elaborations of the CPs will be enriched and this requires great perseverance.
Some parties who took initiatives for joint statements, outright rejected the contribution of other parties in formulating the texts they presented. Conversely, the KKE, as well as other parties that undertook the above initiatives and which were supported by our Party, asked for comments on the initial texts that were submitted. They gave great attention to the many proposals from other parties. They accepted substantial comments that improved the original content. Some parties did not allow such a process to take place for their own texts, while very problematic positions persisted within the texts, such as positions that vindicate the social democratic management of the capitalist system, attributing all of the problems to neo-liberal management.     
Nor, could the KKE of course, agree to gratuitous and detrimental requests from parties who call upon the USA “to comply with” international law as the CP of Spain did, as if we aren’t dealing with the most powerful imperialist power on our planet, but with a “young girl” who “strayed from the path” and is awaiting the CPs to put her on the “correct path” of “adherence to international law”. That “law” that today legitimizes imperialist interventions and charges the imperialist body NATO to enforce it in different situations. Of course, it would be difficult to expect anything different from a party that has been immersed in the opportunist current of euro-communism for decades, a party that has abandoned revolutionary principles, who views the state and the law as being classless, that has slipped into the management of capitalism in its country.
There were also attempts for Joint Statements to be signed not only by Communist and Workers’ Parties, but also by other self-proclaimed “left” forces that appear, e.g. in solidarity with the people of Venezuela and against the designs of the USA, but who at the same time support similar plans, especially those of the imperialist EU.
There have also been efforts for CPs to co-sign texts not only with bourgeois “left” forces, but even with right-wing political forces. In the name of “saving humanity”, or the observance of “international law”. One such effort on the issue of the pandemic was made by the CP China. According to Andrei Klimov, senator and member of the Presidium of the center-right party “United Russia”, it was a joint initiative between the two governing parties of China and Russia, which was said to have been signed by more than 200 parties from all over the world. While the entire list has never been officially released, reports say that among those parties were many bourgeois parties from Asia, Africa, the Americas, policy makers that serve the interests of capital and that are responsible for the commodification of Healthcare, under-funding of the Public systems and so on. In any case, the specific joint statement makes no reference to capitalist barbarism, which is the cause of the situation that bears grave consequences for the peoples, nor of course does it refer to struggle aims for the development of joint action. How could it? Capitalist relations of production have prevailed in China for years, and Russia today is a product of counter-revolution and capitalist restoration
Among the parties that signed such a text were also some communist parties which of course, take responsibility for their choices. However, its very important that many CPs have taken a position on today’s China and Russia which now play an important role in the global imperialist “pyramid”, as the intra-imperialist contradictions with the USA are intensifying.
All of the above show that not all of the efforts to issue Joint Statements had the necessary prerequisites to be considered a contribution to the strengthening of the international communist movement. As we often say in analogous situations, “Not all that glitters is gold”.

The importance of recording joint struggle goals.
Communists of different countries and regions may wage a struggle in every single country. There may be different approaches to issues of strategic importance. However,  the collective effort has its own importance and the fact that in joint statements the same goal is put forward: the overthrow of capitalist barbarism, the construction of a new socialist-communist society. Therefore, every possible form of cooperation and coordination must be attempted under pandemic conditions, much more the tried and true form of Joint Statements that reflect common assessments and goals of struggle, that contribute to coordinated action at the international level towards the benefit of the working class, of the peoples.

Elisaios  VAGENAS
Member of the CC  of the KKE and
Head of the IRS of the CC of the KKE

(*) V.I. Lenin Collected Works, “What Is To Be Done? Burning Questions of Our Movement”, “Synchroni Epochi”, Volumne 6, pg. 22

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Fight the virus and defend the rights of the retirees, pensioners and elderly


The last few months have been marked by an exceptional situation, as a result of the outbreak of COVID -19 and the sanitary measures to prevent and fight it, in which the National Health Service and its professionals have played an irreplaceable role.
We have entered a new period of resuming life in the country, a path towards the normalization of economic activity and the life of the Portuguese aware of the need to comply with the basic rules of health protection, individual and collective.
The step by step return to work has to be accompanied by the need to strengthen the protection of all those who dynamize the economic activity of the country, starting with the creation of conditions that safeguard the protection of those who have to travel in public transport every day to work.
Those who find themselves without a job with cuts in wages and those who survive on low pensions have increased difficulties in getting masks, gloves and disinfectant solution due to prices incompatible with their income level.
An unacceptable situation that shows that the epidemic outbreak has been bolstered by capital and multinational companies as an opportunity to increase their profits, by increasing labor exploitation and by speculating the prices of these products and other essential goods for life.
Meanwhile, I would like to note the misunderstanding that has been created in society, between the "duty of special attention to citizens over 70 years" and their mandatory lockdown, without any legal base for it.
It is understandable that families want to do everything they can to protect their parents, grandparents and even their neighbors or acquaintances.
What is unacceptable is that, based on this fair concern, one tries to segregate the elderly and curtail their rights and freedoms.
It is necessary to contradict conceptions such as those put forward by the President of the European Commission, when she defended that the contacts of the elderly with other people would have to be limited until the end of the year.
Such a perspective cannot be separated from its essence by those who have transformed aging into a “social burden”.
In this Session addressed to the retirees, pensioners and elderly, the PCP reaffirms that preventing and fighting the epidemic outbreak for all citizens, namely for those over 70 years, must be accompanied by the appreciation of the role they played as workers, the value of their social, political and cultural participation in this stage of their life and for the contribution to society of their experience and knowledge.
We do not underestimate the risks of contagion among themselves and the additional care for the most vulnerable people, elderly or not, but we must reject the stigma on the elderly!
It is not the elderly who carry the risk of contagion, among themselves and the other citizens. Being elderly is not synonymous with dependence, lack of social autonomy or lack of ability to make informed and responsible decisions, whether in the field of virus prevention or in all areas of their life.
Feeding such stigma would mean feeding the feelings that are “weigh on” the family and society; making the lives of those living in care homes a nightmare; reducing the right of the vast majority to freedom and the right to decide their lives and act in defense of their rights.
Complacency with such a path would have very damaging consequences on their physical and emotional health.
A word to the elderly who live in care homes. Everything has to be done to ensure the special protection of these elderly people and workers, but also to ensure the quality of the services provided, which guarantee their safety, their well-being and the carrying out of activities that mitigate the consequences of their social and family isolation.
It is worth remembering that the retirees, pensioners and elderly are a heterogeneous social group that involves citizens over 65 years, with a strong emphasis on «the young elderly», the elderly and the very elderly. Most have expectations, a strong motivation to live this stage of their life, with pleasure, with the possibility of carrying out activities that they could not carry out when they were workers and a strong appetite for associative forms linked to social, recreational, cultural or sports activities.
The lives of the elderly cannot remain suspended in the face of the epidemic outbreak. Compliance with the safety standards that are due and required for all cannot be associated with the perverse idea that nothing will be as before, in the present and in the future.
Fear should not paralyze everyone's life, fear of being infected and of contagion should not deprive the elderly of gratifying emotional and social relationships. Just as the relentless fight against social inequalities and poverty among the elderly cannot be suspended, there is as well the need to create a Public Network of Equipment and Services to meet the specific needs of the elderly, without prejudice to the complementary role, no less valuable, of private institutions of social solidarity.
Without forgetting the necessary support for the associations of the retirees, pensioners and elderly, as an important associative expression of this social group, it should include their home support activities, as well as their day care and social centres to resume these activities when the conditions are created.
The current context cannot make the resolution of the problems that affect most retirees and pensioners a secondary issue, and continue to move in combating low pension values and situations of poverty, and in implementing their right to decent pensions and living conditions.
We therefore valorize the implementation in this month of May, of the extra increase in pensions that covers one million and eight hundred thousand retirees and pensioners, which was made possible for the fourth consecutive year due to the determination of the PCP and the struggle of the retirees and their specific organisations for better pensions and decent living conditions.
Due to the initiative of the PCP, an increase of 10 and 6 euros was achieved in 2020.
Let us look at two examples, of the importance of this increase for social security pensions:
A pension of 450 euros in January 2020 had an increase of 3.15 euros. In May, there will be an increase of 6.85 euros more, thus totaling 10 euros. The social old-age pension, which in 2019 was 210.32 euros, increased in January 2020 by 1.58 euros. In May there will be an increase of 4.82 euros, thus totaling 6 euros.
This extra increase in 2020, added to those of 2019, 2018 and 2017 means that a significant portion of the retirees, pensioners and elderly has, in these 4 years, an increase in the value of their pension of 40 or 24 euros per month.
These extra increases mitigate the consequences of the pension freeze, between 2011 and 2015, imposed by the PSD/CDS government and the insufficient yearly increases that the mere application of the pension update mechanism advocated by the PS would materialize.
They were only possible because the PCP did not give up. But we are aware that this extra increase fell short of the objectives and the scope recommended by its proposal: 10 euros for all pensions, starting in January, whose percentage value would be higher for the lowest and lower for the rest, ensuring everybody a restoration of their purchasing power.
The priority given to the valorization of pensions requires the valorization of wages and social security payments, as a central feature to interrupt the spiral of low pensions for generations of workers who retire, but it also imposes a change to the unfair mechanism of pension updating, created by a PS government in 2006, and the creation of new minimum pension brackets in the social security system that valorize the longest contributory careers.
Fighting the virus cannot mean fewer rights for the retirees, pensioners and elderly. We will continue to fight in defense of the central role of the Public Social Security System in guaranteeing the right to a decent pension, nor will we collude with the right-wing policy solutions, based on the weakening of the Public Social Security System, facilitating the dilapidation of revenues which are due to the social security system, taking for granted that nothing can be done to prevent such a path.
We will do all we can to ensure everyone's rights to healthcare within the framework of the National Health Service, as well as other public services. Because they are all essential to guarantee the right to grow old with rights and enable to live more years with health and well-being.
The widely trumpeted active aging, when it comes to imposing solutions of the right-wing policy of prolonging the professional activity of the elderly, cannot be associated with keeping the elderly confined and without perspective, accepting that everything will irreparably worse.
It is necessary to give confidence that it is necessary to resume their lives naturally, making the necessary adaptations that compel everyone, given the exceptional nature of the times we live with respect for their freedoms and rights.
I therefore welcome the action of the retirees, pensioners and elderly and their specific associative movement and their role in the struggle to raise their living conditions and rights and for their political, social, cultural and sports participation.
The epidemic outbreak confirms the need to implement an alternative, patriotic and left-wing policy that materializes a national strategy on the issues of aging based on policies that uphold the deepening of the rights of the retirees, pensioners and elderly, ensuring that living longer means having quality of life, with economic and social autonomy, physical and psychological well-being and preventing and combating the risks of poverty among the elderly and promoting adequate protection against illness and dependency.

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Joint Communication of tens of Communist and Workers ' Parties for the 150 years since the birth of the second.I. Lenin

The text of the Joint Announcement and the signatures of the parties are as follows:

The communist and labour parties, co-signatories of this Joint statement, we want and in this way to honour a great revolutionary and theorist of scientific socialism, which on 22 April completed 150 years of its birth, the Βλαδίμηρ Illich Lenin.
Particularly in the present circumstances, and while evolving pandemic of CoVID-19, which is a tragic illustration of the major shortcomings of the health systems in capitalist countries, as well as the anti-social and parasitic nature of the capitalist system, in front of a new crisis, the burden of which will be asked again to pay the workers, the aggressive nature of imperialism and the sharpening of imperialist antagonisms, causing new dangers for peace and peoples, we feel even more the need to refer to the historical figure of the second.I. Lenin. A personality, who dedicated his life to the case of the working class and other popular strata in the struggle for the abolition of exploitation and the building of the socialist society.
We honor the B.I. Lenin, as the founder of the modern party of the working class the party "new type", which has been separated decisively with politicians the opportunism and apostasy of the old social democratic parties. Such was the bolshevik party, which came in leading the class struggle of the proletariat and the other oppressed masses of Russia. The party of Lenin led the working class of Russia to the victory with the overthrow of εκμεταλλευτριών classes and the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat, a government of workers and peasants, in the service of the interests of the many, the exploited and oppressed. THE B.I. Lenin has defined and documented the pioneering role of the Communist Party, not only in the establishment of a workers ' power, and in the building of socialism.
We honor the B.I. Lenin, as the theoretical, which, taking into account the specific fact, developed further the components parts of marxism - philosophy, political economy and scientific communism. As a fighter against any οπορτουνιστικής and review of distortion of the revolutionary theory and practice, of doctrine, of sectarianism and of parliamentary illusions, without renouncing the intervention of the parliament. Projects, that indicatively, we mention here, such as "What is the friends of the people, and how they fight the social democrats;", "The development of capitalism in Russia", "What should we do?", "The two tactics of social-democracy in the Democratic Revolution", "Materialism and Εμπειριοκριτικισμός", "Marxism and αναθεωρητισμός," "The bankruptcy of the 2nd International", "Socialism and war", "the motto of the United States of Europe", "Imperialism highest stage of capitalism", "State and Revolution", "Views April", "The αριστερισμός, a childhood disease of communism", "The immediate tasks of the Soviet Power", "The Great initiative", are the stations in the spread and development of marxism and of the revolutionary struggle. Overall, the valuable theoretical work of Lenin is still perfectly preserves the timeliness and be a "lighthouse" for the ideological-political education and action each new generation of rebels.
We honor the B.I. Lenin as the leader of the Great October Socialist Revolution, which for about a century, shocked the humanity, of the victorious revolution, that illuminated the power of the class struggle, the power of the exploited and oppressed, when they get the case of their interests in their hands and turning the wheel of History forward, in the direction of social liberation, of the flame-October, which led to and accelerated the establishment of a series of Communist Parties, revolutionary workers ' parties. Lenin had a far-sighted strategy, capacity and handled with skill alliances, skills devoted to the case of the socialist revolution.
We honor the B.I. Lenin as the leader of the world's first socialist state, which first established the power of workers on the basis of new revolutionary institutions, as was the soviet, sought the economic functioning of society on a new basis, on the basis of the satisfaction of the modern popular needs, of all-round free development of all people and not for the growth of the profitability of the few. The USSR, the first socialist state in the world, that came to life with the special contribution of the B.I. Lenin, brought to the fore new unprecedented economic, social, political and cultural conquests of the working class and wider layers of workers, who exerted a tremendous influence on the historical progressive developments all over our planet. It was a mainstay of the peoples in the struggle for socialism and peace.
We honor the B.I. Lenin as the great διεθνιστή, the leader, who raised high the flag of proletarian internationalism, against the treacherous attitude of the second International in the first World imperialist war, the fighter against the bourgeois nationalism and other urban perceptions, such as the cosmopolitanism of the capital, a pioneer in the establishment of the 3rd Communist International, was a great contribution to the international workers and communist movement, and today is a key source for the extraction of useful lessons from the experience accumulated by the action. The positions of Lenin on colonialism led the communists to understand the issue of the colonies and inspired to lead the αντιαποικιακών racing, both in the colonial countries and in the colonies.
We honor the B.I. Lenin as a tireless and consistent fighter against the imperialist war, supporter of the struggle of peoples for national and social liberation, social justice, peace, and socialism.
The counter-revolution and capitalist restoration cannot conceal the conquests of Socialism. The destruction and the injustice that we live in, the acute problems and the suffering of the working class, the small and medium-sized layers, the peasantry, and generally all the peoples from capitalist exploitation and oppression highlight the necessity and timeliness of socialism today in the world.
The Communist and Labour Parties denounced the workers and the youth "wave" of the suppression and the reactive and αντικομμουνιστικής of distortion, that have been unleashed around the world the political forces that serve the interests of capital, against the B's.I. Lenin. We are fighting for the continuation of the project, and we pledge that we will continue to defend his legacy, to spread, and we call on the workers and the peoples to learn from this.

Parties, who sign:

1. Communist Party Of Azerbaijan
2. Egyptian Communist Party
3. Communist Party Of Albania
4. Algerian Party for Democracy and Socialism (PADS)
5. Communist Party Of Argentina
6. Communist Party Of Armenia
7. Communist Party Of Australia
8. Party Of Labour Of Austria
9. Communist Party Of Belgium
10. Brazilian Communist Party
11. Communist Party Of Brazil
12. Communist Party Of Venezuela
13. Communist Party Of Bulgaria
14. Union of Communists in Bulgaria
15. Party of Bulgarian Communists
16. Communist Party Of Britain
17. New Communist Party Of Britain
18. Communist Revolutionary Party Of France
19. Pole Of Communist Revival, France
20. German Communist Party
21. Unified Communist Party Of Georgia
22. Communist Party Of Denmark
23. Communist Party in Denmark
24. Power of the Revolution, Dominican Republic
25. Communist Party (Switzerland)
26. Communist Party Of Greece
27. Communist Party Of El Salvador
28. Party of Communists, USA
29. Communist Group "Σίσο-Udo", Japan
30. Communist Party Of India
31. Communist Party Of India (Marxist)
32. Jordanian Communist Party
33. Communist Party Of Kurdistan – Iraq
34. Τουντέχ, Iran
35. Workers ' Party Of Ireland
36. Communist Party Of Ireland
37. Communist Party Of Ecuador
38. Communist Party Of Spain
39. Communist Party Of Workers Of Spain
40. Communist Party Of Peoples Of Spain
41. Communists of Catalonia
42. Union of the People of Galicia
43. Communist Party Of Israel
44. Communist Party, Italy
45. Italian Communist Party
46. Socialist Movement Kazakhstan
47. Communist Party Of Canada
48. Party of communists of Kyrgyzstan
49. Workers ' Party Korea
50. Socialist Labour Party Of Croatia
51. AKEL, Cyprus
52. Communist Party Of Belarus
53. Lebanese Communist Party
54. Socialist Party Of Latvia
55. Socialist Party, Lithuania
56. Communist Party Of Luxembourg
57. Communist Party Of Malta
58. Communist Party Of Mexico
59. Popular Socialist Party, Mexico
60. Democratic Progressive Step Bahrain
61. Communist Party Of Bangladesh
62. Communist Party Of Norway
63. South African Communist Party
64. New Communist Party Netherlands
65. Hungarian Workers ' Party
66. Communist Party Of Ukraine
67. Union Of Communists Of Ukraine
68. Communist Party Of Pakistan
69. Palestinian Communist Party
70. Party People Of Palestine
71. Παραγουάνικο Communist Party
72. Περουβιάνικο Communist Party
73. Communist Party Of Poland
74. Portuguese Communist Party
75. Communist Party Of Puerto Rico
76. Communist Party Of The Russian Federation
77. Communist Labour Party Of Russia
78. Communist Party Of The Soviet Union
79. Union of Communist Parties - CPSU
80. New Communist Party Of Yugoslavia
81. Communists of Serbia
82. Communist Party Of Slovakia
83. Communist Party Of Swaziland
84. Communist Party Of Sweden
85. Communist Party Of Sri Lanka
86. People's Liberation Front, Sri Lanka
87. Σουδανέζικο Communist Party
88. Syrian Communist Party
89. The Communist Party Of Turkey
90. Communist Party Of Bohemia-Moravia
91. Philippine Communist Party (PKP-1930)
92. Communist Party Of Finland
93. Communist Party Of Chile