domingo, 17 de marzo de 2019

The president of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani said “Mussolini? Before he declared war on the entire world, following Hitler; before he introduced racial laws… he did some positive things to build infrastructure in our country, he built roads, bridges, buildings, sports facilities and reclaimed large swaths of Italy from marshes. If we look at concrete facts, we can’t say he hasn’t achieved anything.”
We strongly believe that it is not just a misinterpretation… It is one more step on the constant attempt of the EU and the bourgeoisie to rewrite history. The EU carries out anti-labour and anti-peoples policies from its birth and takes every opportunity to remind it to the peoples. Not accidentally, in the context of rewriting history, the EU did not hesitate to call Europe Day the 9th of May, the day of anti-fascist victory, which the peoples, with the Red Army in vanguard, raised the red flag in Reichstag, marking the crash of fascism.
The peoples and the International working class don’t forget the leaders of antifascist victory, they don’t forget the twenty million dead soviet citizens in the struggle against fascism. We do not forget who was Mussolini and we never forgive all the “well-fed aristocrats” of the EU who are trying to convince the people that fascism is beneficial for them.
The rise of neo-fascist, racist and xenophobic political forces in Europe is neither irrelevant nor unrelated, from allegations such as those expressed by Mr Tajani.