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Experience and hardships as a Trans-Woman in the United States of America

Gender is a ubiquitous social construct that wields power over every individual in our society. The traditional dichotomous gender paradigm is oppressive, especially for trans-gendered people whose sense of themselves as gendered people is incongruent with the gender they were assigned at birth. Trans-gendered individuals are targeted for mistreatment when others attempt to enforce conventional gender boundaries. This article discusses gender-based oppression and the resulting psycho-social difficulties experienced by many trans-gendered individuals. The discussion advances a critical analysis of the dominant gender paradigm using two alternative theoretical perspectives on gender—queer theory and social constructionism. The article argues that the transgender community is an at-risk population and that empowering practice with this population calls on social workers to target society's traditional gender dichotomy for change. An overview of practice implications and research needs is provided.
basically what I seen and experience is, as it says in the text above. As to being a Trans-person, especially a unemployed Trans-person who is also homeless have seen gender oppression in places of not only business but also in shelters. Since Homeless shelters are strong with religious doctrine, it makes it hard for Trans-people to live in areas designed for their gender preference.  If you're a transgender woman and you walk into a homeless shelter and they treat you like a man, it's traumatizing," he added. "These people are already vulnerable, they're homeless, they don't have a job. To face discrimination the entire time they're there is a real problem.
Discrimination also exist in our own community as well. The Gay men and women don't like Trans-people even Trans-people discriminating against their own over looks and or appearance.
there is no Articles on this subject but I have witnessed and experienced it myself to know it exists. This discrimination dwells deep in separation of the LGBTQ+ communities.
Gat men and Women would tell us we shouldn't be in the "LGB" community, We are ruining it, or We are not real Men or women just confused people; and or other hurtful things directed to us Trans-people.
Trans-people discrimination against other Trans-people results in "if you had surgery or not." This means that in order to be a Trans-Woman you must have surgery of sex reassignment. This is pretty much self-Explanatory!
This has made it hard for us Trans-people because discrimination in shelters has Trans-people either roaming the streets (I'm which are more vulnerable to Rape and Murder), or forced to stay with friends who may or may not be discriminators towards their friends, I.E; make fun of. Most of us turn to prostitution to help either Pay rent and or pay for our transformation since jobs hold the most discrimination against Trans-people. this article also explains workplace discrimination against Trans-people:
The death statistics proves even more that the United States is not safe for Trans-people. the link also explains(it's hard for me to tackle this section because it's very sensitive):
this is the problems Trans-people face in the United States of America. Granted some Trans-people are privileged than others but we all know it's because of the term used here in the United States: "It's not what you know it's who you know."
My conclusion since the Law won't do anything and make up excuses for the murder statistics with Rape, we should start arming all Trans-people against the system of oppression. I realize that only trough Socialism can we achieve the equality we so desire. Capitalism is Hell for trans-people and it doesn't and never Will help not just the LGBTQ but all of the oppressed people. This Article is also is to be used to spread around.
This Article was done and made by Amy k. Sorel who is Trans and loves her life as a woman and recognizes and deals with the very hardships against Transpeople daily.

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