viernes, 11 de octubre de 2019

CP of Venezuela, No to foreign military intervention in Syria!

The Communist Party of Venezuela expresses its strong rejection of the Turkish Government's plans to invade and occupy Syrian territories, in the framework of a new military offensive organized under the pretext of fighting terrorist forces in northern Syria. Such actions represent a flagrant violation of the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic and a dangerous step aimed at extending the war and its terrible consequences on the population.
The Communist Party of Venezuela expresses its firm solidarity with the struggle of the Syrian people against imperialist aggression, towards achieving peace and recognition of their sovereignty and independence. In this regard, we demand the immediate termination of the presence of foreign military forces of occupation in Syrian territory, the respect for the territorial integrity of the Arab country and the ceasing of any foreign military action of aggression against their territories.

International Policy Department- CP of Venezuela

jueves, 3 de octubre de 2019

Communist Party of Swaziland calls for solidarity with public sector workers of Swaziland

The Communist Party of Swaziland (CPS) stands with public sector workers of Swaziland in their strike action. The workers demand a 7.85 per cent cost of living adjustment. The violent reaction by the regime’s police last week, 25 September 2019, and today, 2 October 2019, is a sign that the Mswati regime is getting more desperate and will do anything to cling to power.
The workers’ protests are a total rejection of the tinkhundla government, which is the employer in this case. The protest over wages is at one and the same time a protest against tinkhundla exploitation. In Swaziland, state resources are not used for what they should be for; social development and economic stimulation. Instead, the money goes to fund the luxurious lifestyle of the monarchy and wasted in corruption. The tinkhundla autocracy has collapsed the economy in this way. Money for education and health are redirected to Mswati, his family and friends.
The Mswati regime wants to treat workers as part of its royal regiment. The regime wants workers to do nothing but bend over twice in implementing tinkhundla rule and ideology. The royal regiment system is a form of slavery practiced by the monarchy, supported by imperialist forces, SADC and African leaders along with other reactionary forces.
The police violence against workers is thus intended to defend tinkhundla dictatorship and its exploitation. Exploitation of human by human must come to an end. In the Swaziland situation, this begins by bringing an end to the Mswati autocracy.
The Communist Party of Swaziland calls upon the masses of our country to support the protests by joining the workers’ pickets and protests. International progressive forces, including our friends, must reject Mswati and his suppression of workers and their rights. The Communist Party of Swaziland also calls for solidarity messages and demonstrations.
Swaziland needs Democracy Now!
Issued by the Communist Party of Swaziland

24-hour Nationwide Strike and Strike rallies in more than 50 Cities

The GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumpas, who was present at the PAME strike rally at the Propylaea, stated: “The least thing that the government must do right this moment is to withdraw this shameful Bill, a bill that further destroys Collective Bargaining, which attempts to put a muzzle on the trade union movement, that strikes a blow at vital labor rights and gains won over many years.”
 With a new nation-wide strike and rallies in dozens of cities on October 2nd, the mobilizations continued against the anti-people legislation being promoted by the ND government in the name of “development”. Sectoral Federations, Labor Centers and Trade Unions, continuing the 24/9 strike, confronted the government, employers and the undermining role of the GSEE leadership yet one more time.
In Athens a mass rally of the All-Workers Militant Front (PAME) took place, followed by a march to the Parliament, while similar strike rallies took place in more than 50 cities throughout Greece.
Addressing the rally, Giannis Tasioulas, President of the Federation of Construction Workers, revealed the anti-labor nature of the new legislation that stipulates an attack against fixed work hours, against minimum and mid-level wages, exemptions for those employers who do not deposit insurance contributions into the Funds, permanizing a bare minimum of salaries and wages, through the notorious “exceptions” concerning any Collective Bargaining Agreements that are signed, as well as a further attack against the unions and the right to strike.
Additionally, G. Tasioulas condemned the government's agreement with the USA and NATO, which was not made, as he stated, in the interests of the working people.
He expressed the solidarity of the trade unions with immigrants and refugees.
G. Tasioulas ended his speech as follows: “It's not coincidental that employers and the union mafia wake up and sleep with anti-communism in their mouths. Nor that the bourgeois parties lose any opportunity to spew the poison of anti-communism. Neither is it a coincidence that the EU resolutions that distort the History of the peoples, equating Nazism and fascism with communism, were co-signed by liberal, center, and fake left forces. This serves their interests. To attack the working class and the popular strata as a whole. Historical experience shows that anti-communism is the preparation by the forces of capital for an overall strike against the workers. This element must be seriously estimated by each and every one of us. We do not compromise. We do not lay down our weapons in battle. Through our struggle we will impose justice.”


As it is stated in the Declaration of the Revolutionary Government of Cuba on the last February 13th, “the escalation of the U.S. Government´s pressures and actions to set the stage for a military adventure disguised as humanitarian intervention” is not just a real threat against the Venezuelan people, but also against world peace.
Washington should not underestimate the costs of an aggression against Venezuela. The possibility of a disastrous regionalization of the armed conflict would affect our peoples and all social, economic and political sectors.
We are in the face of a typical threat of imperialist aggression -regardless the disguise used- whose main objective is the appropriation by the United States of the biggest certified reserves of oil in the planet. It is evident, once again, Washington´s contempt for the dozens of thousands of civilian casualties that could be brought about by such at sight conflagration.
It would an attack not only to the Bolivarian Revolution. In the logic of the hawks that control Trump Administration´s policy towards Latin America, this action is seen as the final thrust against the left and progressive forces all over the world. Today it is Venezuela; tomorrow will be Nicaragua, Bolivia or Cuba. 
Therefore, the defense of the Bolivarian Revolution becomes the first trench in the struggle for the sovereignty of Our America, for the ideal of social justice, peace with dignity and unity all over the world.
We reaffirm at this time the thesis of our government when it reminds that “what it is at stake today in Venezuela is the sovereignty and dignity of Latin America and the Caribbean and of the peoples of the South. It is also at stake the survival of the norms of international law and the U.N. Charter. It is at stake whether the legitimacy of a government comes from the sovereignly expressed will of its people, or from the recognition by foreign powers”.
We call for a united march to show to the Yankee Empire that the peoples of the world do have a sense of sovereignty. This is the time for communist and workers´s parties from all continents to show the immense political potential that we represent in the struggle against war and in the defense of peace.

Communist Party of Cuba

viernes, 13 de septiembre de 2019


A delegation from the European Parliamentary Group of the KKE visited the offices of the United Nations (UN) in Brussels today, Wednesday 11/9/2019, and delivered this letter to the Secretary-General of the UN Mr. Antonio Guterres, from the Parliamentary and European Parliamentary Group of the Party.
The letter denounces the interference of the USA and its allies in Venezuela and the threats of military intervention against the country, while it expresses the solidarity of the KKE with the Venezuelan people.

The text of the letter is as follows:

To: Mr. Antonio Guterres
Secretary-General of the United Nations

Mr. Secretary-General,
The Parliamentary and European Parliamentary group of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), which has already marked 100 years of life and action, unites its voice with the thousands of workers of Venezuela and other countries, who denounce the ending and extremely dangerous intervention by the government of the United States of America (USA) and its allies in the domestic affairs of Venezuela.
We strongly condemn this intervention aimed at are overthrowing the elected President of the country Nicolas Maduro, and the imposition on the people of Venezuelan Juan Guaido, a person who is at the service of the USA for their aggressive plans in Venezuela and the wider region.
We particularly condemn US threats of military intervention against Venezuela and its people.
Developments in this Latin American country, just as in any other country are a matter for its own people.
The Parliamentary and European Parliamentary group of the KKE demand that the intervention in the internal affairs of Venezuela by the USA, the European Union (EU) and their allies cease and that the plotting to overthrow the elected President of the country and any other type of threat desist.

11 September 2019 Sincerely,

Dimitris Koutsoumpas, President of the Parliamentary Group and General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Greece
Aleka Papariga, MP State
Giorgos Lambroulis, Vice-President of the Parliament, MP Larisa
Thanassis Pafilis, Parliamentary Representative, MP Athens 
Nikos Karathanasopoulos, Parliamentary Representative, MP Achaia
Liana Kanelli, MP Athens
Christos Katsotis, MP Athens
Diamanto Manolakou, MP of Piraeus
Giannis Giokas, MP Eastern Attica
Giannis Delis, MP Thessaloniki
Leonidas Stoltidis, MP Thessalonki
Maria Komninaka, MP Lesbos
Manolis Sindichakis, MP Herakleion
Nikos Papanastasis, MP Aitoloakarnania
Giorgos Marinos, MP Evia
Costas Papadakis, MEP
Lefteris Nikolaou, MEP


lunes, 9 de septiembre de 2019

Mass demonstration at Aristotelous Square

With the slogan : “Struggle for unity – mass – class, for modern working conditions and pay, for a life with rights”, thousands of working people, unemployed, self-employed, farmers  women and youth rallied on Saturday, 7th September at the All Workers Militant Front (PAME) demonstration at the Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF), directing a call for struggle to every working person for contemporary working conditions, for a life with rights.
Behind the banners of the Trade Unions, Federations and Labor Centers, protesters from Thessaloniki and surrounding prefectures, gave the first mass, united class answer to the anti-people attack of the government – the EU – capital, making it clear that “normalcy” is not the anti-labor upheavals the curtailment of labor rights, of trade union and popular freedom. It is not 'normalcy' for the country to be integrated in imperialist plans and competitions, which create dangerous conditions for our people and the peoples of the neighboring countries.
At the same time, they directed an open call for unity and action against the new plans that the ND government is readying.
A delegation of the CC of the KKE was at the rally, headed by the GS of the CC, Dimitris Koutsoumpas, who in his statement to the Press noted:
“Capitalist growth is neither beneficial for all, nor is it a given, due to the international environment, as is claimed  and alleged by the current Greek government.
All of them seek to 'drag the labor – popular movement behind the chariot of monopoly interests', so that they can serve the profits of the few at the expense of the interests of the many.
This why here and now we need a dynamic organization of labor – popular struggle, the development of class unity, a widening of the social, popular alliance, a change in the correlation of forces, so that the new anti-labor – anti-trade union laws will not pass, to abolish  previous laws that have brought the working class and the Greek people to their knees, to open the way so that we can live our lives as we really deserve to live them today.”